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Vibe Digital Academy is the best digital marketing training institute in Kasaragod where you can master the nuances of digital marketing. We offer the finest and best digital marketing training in Kasaragod by focusing on training our students in the concepts of Digital Marketing and design from the basics to the most advanced level.

Our top-notch digital marketing courses are designed for students as well as working professionals looking to advance in their lives and careers. Pioneers of Digital Marketing and Content Marketing, Vibe Academy is one of the first Digital Marketing Institute in Kerala to provide Industry relevant skills to the students. 

Read on to find out how we offer the best digital marketing course in Kasaragod and choose the courses that vibe with you !

What You'll Learn

At Vibe Digital Academy, the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kasaragod, we offer 12 modules of Core Digital Marketing Skills ranging from Social Media Management to Design skills. We transform our students from novices to experts, ready to apply their knowledge to drive online sales for businesses of every Industry through our finest digital marketing course which contains Modern and industry-relevant modules.

  • Introduction
  • Personal self analysis
  • Reputation Management
  • Planning career & personal brand maintenance
  • Tactics for successful career branding
  • Communication with social media
  • Introduction
  • Why Opencart
  • Setting up Opencart website
  • Customizing catalog admin menu
  • Customizing sales & customers
  • Open cart sales metrics
  • Backup & securities
  • Facebook Advertisement (2hrs)
  • Instagram (2hrs)
  • LinkedIn & Tiktok (1hr)
  • Introduction
  • Canva Basics
  • Design Rules
  • Design Tips and Tricks
  • Introduction
  • Search Engines and Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Keywords
  • Bidding & Budget
  • Quality Score
  • Creating campaigns and Ads
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Message Drafts
  • Email Copywriting
  • Types of Email Marketing
  • Metrics
  • Introduction
  • Becoming a Merchant
  • How to become an affiliate
  • Managing an affiliate program
  • Affiliate Marketing strategies for merchant & affiliates
  • Introduction
  • Art of creating original content
  • What keywords brings you results & what kills your business
  • How to approach clients & win them
  • Knowing the competitors
  • Social networks & content writing
  • Client Pitching
  • Blogging basics
  • How to choose a blog topic
  • Writing captivating blog content
  • Making money from blog
  • Building network with other bloggers
  • Usage of social media to widen audience
  • Safety & security
  • Introduction to Vlogging
  • Creating a youtube channel
  • Youtube monetisation
  • Understanding youtube metrics
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Getting WordPress site up and running
  • Customizing the site
  • Creating content in the block editor
  • Structuring the site
  • Managing the site
  • WordPress SEO
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Keyword research in SEO
  • SEO attributes
  • Page indexing & understanding Google bots
  • Alexa ranking
  • Black hat, White hat,& Gray hat SEO
  • Technical on-page & off page SEO
  • Creating SEO checklist
  • What are backlinks & what are the link building techniques
  • Case study discussion
  • Influencer marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing  Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

What We Offer

Become Industry Ready

Transform into an industry expert, equipped with all major Digital skills and certifications from Google, Hubspot. Watch yourself transform into a bankable employee in the digital job sector.

Work in Live Projects

Gone are the days of bookish learning. You won't be hired unless you have credible work experience. Work with our team on live projects to experiment, analyze, report and relearn.


Get certified from google and Hubspot in domains like Social media marketing, Content writing, Digital Design and become an industry-ready digital marketer.

Experience Agency Life

Job in an agency is one of the coolest job one can get in the current scenario. Get exposed to the vibrant agency life from day one with real-time clients, goals, budgets, and deadlines.

Blog & Domain Name

Your learning is incomplete unless you experiment with your learning on a live running website. Learn to create content, promote and market the blog and domain that we provide at the time of enrollment.

Placement Assistance

We help you stay relevant in the Digital job sector. We will help you land your dream job with the help of our extensive network of clients and agency connects.

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Vibe Digital Academy was started in Kasaragod with a vision to become a unique center of excellence in providing job-oriented digital education to students and working professionals. We work tirelessly to maintain our tag of the best digital marketing training institute in Kasaragod and aim to produce the best digital marketing professionals in the country!


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